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Who Is The Best?

How do you measure the strength of a conference, a team or a position? A good argument for team is evaluating the quarterback. "If you do not have a quarterback, you do not have anything" and "If you have two quarterbacks, you do not have any" are two proverbs we all heard countless times before in sports media. I got curious about this over the summer and I broke it down, making some assumptions of eventual starters along the way. I grouped starters by college team and conference to see who the quarterback factories may be in college football and what conferences are the best, because any conference producing more pro starters than any other must be the best, right?

The Pac 12 wins this battle, with seven starting pro quarterbacks. Marcus Mariota, Brock Osweiler (an assumption), Aaron Rodgers, Jared Goff, Andrew Luck, Carson Palmer and Alex Smith. The ACC and the Big 10 each have six and the SEC five.

The Power Five has 26 of the 32 starting spots. No real surprise here. The best players go to the biggest schools. There are exceptions, of course, like Joe Flacco from Delaware, Carson Wentz from North Dakota State and Josh McCown from Sam Houston State (purely a guess here, who knows what the Jets will do?), but big schools producing starting quarterbacks is the rule.

Drilling down to specific schools, no one school stands out, but NC State (Mike Glennon and Philip Rivers), Michigan State (Brian Hoyer and Kirk Cousins) and Cal (Jared Goff and Aaron Rodgers) have two each. Yes, there are some assumptions in there.

There was one week in September 2014 that four teams started Michigan State quarterbacks. Arizona-Drew Stanton, Cleveland-Brian Hoyer, Washington-Kirk Cousins and Philadelphia-Nick Foles. All four teams won that week.

No real trends pop out to me based upon division, conference or even region. What that means to me is pro football is very diverse and dispersed. The west coast teams do not load up on Pac 12 quarterbacks and the south does not favor the SEC.

I am always interested to hear what you have to say on the subject. Hit me up on Twitter and I will publish some of the best responses.

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